Golf Rules Every Beginner

Just like any other game, golf is also based on a set of rules and regulations which every player should know about. They say that golf is a game of etiquette and honor and is played by gentlemen. The golf rules are set to include discipline in the game and to make sure that players actually play it like a gentleman. Moreover, if you violate any of these golf rules, you may have to suffer a stroke penalty.

Golf Rules Book

Though the golf rules book is quite long but surely there are certain basic rules which every player should abide to. Moreover, you need to know about these basic rules so that you do not commit any kind of moral sin on the golf course.

Basic Golf Rules Every Beginner Should Know
Basic Golf Rules Every Beginner Should Know


A player is allowed to carry only 14 maximum clubs on the golf course. As per the golf rules book, if you possess 15 clubs, you need to leave it outside to avoid any kind of problems or hassles. However, you can have a combination of any kind of golf clubs in your bag.

Do Not Play With The Wrong Ball

Well, this is an obvious golf game as there may be many balls on the golf course. Thus, you are asked to mark your particular ball before you start playing. Obviously, you would not like to play with the wrong ball or anyone else’s ball. Moreover, playing with the wrong ball can result in loss of hole in the singles as well as two stroke penalty.


Basic Golf Rules Every Beginner Should Know
Basic Golf Rules Every Beginner Should Know

As per the golf rules book, you must always finish the hole with the ball you have started with. Though you are allowed to change balls between the holes but you cannot do this during a hole. However, unfortunately, if you do lose a ball during the hole, you can obviously use another ball.

Play The Ball As It Lies

As per another golf rule, you are not allowed to move or kick the ball to make a hole. You should play the ball in the same position as it is lying.

Practice Shots

Another rule says that though you can definitely take a practice shot but only in the air. You are not allowed to hit a ball during the practice shot. You can surely hit a stone or acorn on the ground if you desire.  

First Player

As per another important golf rules book, the player who is standing furthest from the hole should be the first one to play the game. Moreover, this rule is good when you are playing in a group of people who are new to each other.

Hitting The Ball

You are only allowed to hit a ball which is only standing still and not moving. Unless the ball is in water, you can definitely not hit the moving ball. Moreover, scooping is not all allowed and you are supposed to just hit the ball with one single strike.

So, learn these above mentioned golf rules by heart and make sure that you do not forget any of them.

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