Golf Clubs And Courts - All About Golf Clubs And Courts

All About Golf Clubs And Courts

All About Golf Clubs And Courts

Have you ever seen Charles Barkley swinging a golf club? Well folks, if you see, you would learn how not to swing a golf club. One of the most important things is the golf grip. This article will focus on the golf clubs and courts.

It is not as easy as swinging a baseball bat or a cricket bat. The reason is quite simple. Distance is not always the same and you need to target the right zone. There is also a climate that plays a part. So, taking all those things into consideration, let us check out how to improve the grip.

All About Golf Clubs And Courts
All About Golf Clubs And Courts

Golf Club

If you have something like a golf club in hand, it is quite natural to swing it in whichever direction the mind wants. But, it is quite important not to swing it like a cricket bat. The same thing happens with tennis. If you are new at it, every swing is a home run. It is, however, not the most preferred way. So, practice is a must before entering into a golf field.

You must understand that the grips are available in different kinds. Well, by different I mean that there are three main types. Let us look at them one after another.

Overlapping Grip

The overlapping grip is mostly preferred by people with huge hands. Ever seen Michael Jordan swinging a gold club. Well, this is what he uses most often.

Interlocking Grip

Here, in this grip, you are just reducing the hand space. Normally you would need a 10 finger grip but with this, you can merge your pinkie finger of one hand with the index finger of the other hand.

Meadow Links, Mission Hills Haikou

The Meadow Links is present in China. It is one of the best Golf courses. There is a different name for the same. All the while, it is imperative that this is one of the best courses in Asia. Well, there are few golf courses in India that could be argued as better than the ones in China. But, Meadow Links is a very prestigious Golf course in the Hills.

All About Golf Clubs And Courts
All About Golf Clubs And Courts

Royal Dornoch

Scotland is not only known for its scenic locations and wild horses. But it is also famous for the Royal Dornoch golf course. Well, this is not just a golf-playing place but also one of the best outdoor attractions. Remember to visit the place next time you are in Scotland.

Teeth Of The Dog

The Teeth Of The Dog is one of the best golf courses. Surprised by the name? Well, you will be surprised by the location and its beauty as well. People visit the place quite often to play golf and chill with the help of one or two Cuban Cigars. The Golf Course is present in the Dominican Republic. The exact name of the place is La Romana.

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