Accessories To Put In Your Golf Bag -

Accessories To Put In Your Golf Bag

Golf bags are definitely an imperative aspect of the game which every golfer should possess. In fact, golf bags are termed as the most prized possession of a golfer. Since so much money goes in buying the golf bag content, you definitely value them and wish to keep them as safe as possible. However, are you sure what all accessories should be there in your bag, especially, if you are beginner in the game.

Accessories To Put In Your Golf Bags
Accessories To Put In Your Golf Bags

Checklist For Accessories In Golf Bags

Here is a list of checklist you should follow about what to keep in your golf bags.

Accessories To Put In Your Golf Bags
Accessories To Put In Your Golf Bags

Divot Fixer Tool

The divot fixer tool is an important thing which should be kept in every golfer’s bag, even if you are a beginner.  The reason is that when make a divot on the golf course, there becomes a hole there. Now, it may pose a problem for other golfers if the divot falls in their line. Moreover, it may even keep your golf course look untidy and unkept. Thus, you need to keep a divot fixer tool handy to maintain your green properly.

Golf Gloves

Unless you are actually blessed with non sweating palms or you live in a cold area, you definitely need the golf gloves. Moreover, when you live in hot areas, such as Alabama, you definitely need these gloves as otherwise you may start losing your grip. In addition, keeping the golf gloves in your golf bags makes sure that you never forget them at home or in your golf pants.

Golf Balls

The golf balls are necessary to keep in your golf bags so that you never forget to carry them for practice. After all, what would be the use of you do not carry balls with you.

Golf Umbrella

Well, if you put up in an area where rains are quite common, it is definitely advisable to carry a golf umbrella in your golf bags. The umbrella comes handy when it starts raining and you want to keep your hands, grips, towels, gloves, etc all dry.

Golf Towels

Golf towels are another imperative accessory which should be a part of your golf bag. You always need clean towels during the game. Thus, it is always better to keep clean and dry towels in your bags. Moreover, you can keep separate towels in different compartments of the bag to distinguish between the towels. Some towels you can use for wiping your face while some towels you can use to clean your golf clubs.


Accept it or not but you need to take care of your skin while you are put in the sun playing golf. Thus, sunscreens should be an imperative part of your bags. The sunscreens come handy when you are playing for about 4 to 5 hours in sun. The sunscreen makes sure that you do not get a tan or any other skin irritations caused by the sun. However, it is advisable to use spray sunscreens instead of the lotion to prevent any kind of slipperiness.

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